Who is behind of Wolletraum


Dear visitor,

Wolletraum –

a word with love for wool, its gorgeous colors and beautiful results.

My name is Michaela, I am a mother and wife in one and a passionate knitter to boot.
My true interest in knitting developed at the age of 22.
From sweaters to socks. I especially love the socks. This has the following reasons:
Socks are needed, do not take up too much space, are knitted quickly depending on the pattern,
you only need 100 grams of wool and you can let off steam with patterns.
Yes, however, there is after the 1st sock still the 2nd sock, which one then already not quite so gladly knits.
But then the hand-dyed sock wool came into play – on the needle play, which can surprise you again and again. So the fun of knitting remains !

Writing knitting instructions, maintaining the homepage, stocking Ravelry – all that takes time. Digging in my wool, knitting a new project, drinking a cup of tea – that’s for the soul.

Besides me, there are two other people behind Wolletraum. One is my mom Brigitte, who collects and knits wool together with me, and the other is my dear little daughter Jacqueline, who made it possible for me to have a website about my creative work in the first place.

I hope I can bring you with my site a (wool) dreamlike, creative and useful hobby closer.

Have fun discovering it